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This week, variety: a soup, two sandwiches, the most beautiful cake that ever was, and a Jewish holiday treat.
By Relish | Posted February 21, 2013
Grapefruit Upside Down Food on Fifth

Demystifying the Far East, mystifying the sandwich (why didn’t we think of that??), and informative, not to mention beautiful, step-by-steps to achieving the loveliest of sweet treats. We love these bloggers.


Cooking by the Seat of Our Pants
Egg Drop Soup @cbsop
Did you think Egg Drop Soup was an esoteric recipe from the mysterious East? We did.  But then along came Cooking by the Seat of our Pants to demystify it. Spoiler alert: it takes five minutes to make.


Our Best Bites
Grilled Pizza Sammy Our Best Bites
Over the last few years, we’ve made enough paninis to tile the floor of the Parthenon, but Our Best Bites came up with a great idea that never occurred to us:  the Grilled Pizza Sandwich.


Family Foodie
And speaking of simple sandwich ideas we didn’t think of, Family Foodie breaks out of the chicken salad rut with a secret ingredient.  Hint: it involves fruit.  Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad is going in our regular rotation.


Food on Fifth
Grapefruit Upside Down Food on Fifth
Food on Fifth has made a cake that you have to see.  And, now that you’ve seen it, you’ll have to make it.  We’re serious. Just try and tell us we’re wrong. Grapefruit Upside-down Cake


The Shiksa in the Kitchen
We don’t pretend to have mastered all the Jewish holidays (we always forget Shemini Atzeret), but Purim is one of our favorites.  It’s got an evil king, a brave heroine, and noisemakers, so we’d like it even if it didn’t have hamentashen.  But How to Make Perfect Hamentaschen? We’re glad The Shiksa in the Kitchen is here to help.




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