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This week, we’ve got cooking, and we’ve got parenting. And chocolate. We’ve got chocolate.
By Relish | Posted February 15, 2013
Pot Pie Filling by First Mess

We’ve found a host of good things to eat in February that the entire family is sure to enjoy. But we’ve taken the whole scenario a step further, and we’ve found some great ways to ensure the entire family will enjoy cooking them too. Bless these bloggers.


Go Gingham
Go Gingham Grilled Cheese
It was Go Gingham’s food that first caught our attention, but what really impressed us is how she gets her kids—as young as eleven—to cook dinner once a week. Once a week! Without exorbitant bribes or czarist punishments!  Let Your Kids Cook Dinner Each Week is a parental must-read.


Mom’s Kitchen Handbook
Meanwhile, Mom’s Kitchen Handbook is also working magic with kids. We thought it was a big deal when our kids ate olives, but she got hers to eat grasshoppers. Actual insects. Here’s how:  A Mexican Love Affair


5 Second Rule
5 Second Rule Chocolate Cake
5 Second Rule takes us back to the real life of adult concerns. This week, that was Valentine’s Day. Which, we’re going to admit, we’re not always well-prepared for, and we didn’t find One Bowl Chocolate Cake, For Emergencies or Lazy People in time. Luckily, chocolate cake emergencies come up all the time around here…


Lisa is Cooking
Lemon Ice Cream by Lisa is Cooking
Meanwhile, Lisa is Cooking is working our other favorite winter dessert:  citrus. It takes quite a bit to get us to break out the ice cream maker in February, but Lemon Ice Cream with Citrus Cornmeal Shortbread Cookies did it for us.


Feed Me Pheobe
Feed Me Pheobe Chicken Chili
As much as we’d like to, we know we can’t live by dessert alone, so we were glad to find Feed Me Phoebe and her Chicken and White Bean Chili. It’s a great variation on a classic—neither standard-issue white nor wish-it-was-beef red. It’s green and fresh, and not above deploying a few strategic canned ingredients.


The First Mess
Pot Pies by The First Mess

And then there’s The First Mess. If the idea of Mushroom + Stout Pot Pies with Sweet Potato Crust doesn’t reach out and grab you (yeah, right), the pictures of them will. We want those on our table. For more from Laura Wright, the blogger behind The First Mess, check out her guest pinterest board where she’s pinned all about how to cook with natural foods and prepare wholesome meals.


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