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This week's round-up runs the gamut from Valentine sweets to gluten-free eats. We've got you covered.
By Relish | Posted February 8, 2013
Chai Pear Bread @GirlVersusDough

We’re worldwide this week, with a couple stops in Asia, a detour to Italy, and a global celebration of Valentine’s Day. Then, back home for the mother of all baby showers.


Global Table Adventure
Lithuanian Spirits @GlobalTableAdventure

Momentarily, it will be Valentine’s Day. While we have nothing against red roses and Whitman’s Samplers (in fact, we have a soft spot for cashew clusters), this year we’re celebrating with Global Table Adventure’s list of Valentine’s Day Recipes from Around the World. Lithuanian Honey Spirits, perhaps? Or maybe the heart-shaped Sweet Potato Biscuits…


Green Papaya Salad SpiceLines
We love recipes, but we also love people who love recipes. This Green Papaya Salad post from SpiceLines is infused with enthusiasm for tools, techniques and ingredients, and you don’t even have to like green papaya salad to appreciate it.


Girl Versus Dough
Chai Pear Bread @GirlsVersusDough

You know what to do if life hands you lemons. Girl Versus Dough made lemonade – in the form of Chai-Spiced Coconut Pear Bread – when life handed her Fuyu persimmons. Don’t ask. Just read the story.


Fleur de Sel
Grapes and Burrata by Fleur de Sel
We’ve put grapes in the freezer plenty of times, but this will be a first for the oven. Fleur de Sel pairs grapes, roasted with a little salt and thyme, with creamy Italian cheese and a balsamic syrup. So little labor for such a big payoff! Roasted Grapes with Burrata and Balsamic Syrup


Good Food Matters
Nancy Vienneau
Okay, it’s probably not smart to have a baby just so you can have this Baby Shower Buffet from Good Food Matters, but we suspect babies have been had for worse reasons than a wonderful meal that features things like Baby Spoon Spinach and Artichoke Hearts in Green Onion Béchamel.


The Healthy Apple
Quinoa Salad by The Healthy Apple
Valentine’s Day may present itself as a slight hiccup in the New Year’s detox. When we’re ready to regroup, we’re going with 28 Gluten-Free Recipes for The New Year, courtesy of The Healthy Apple.




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