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Relish is about honest food, cooked with joy, and here we celebrate some of the voices – and the lives – of people who do the same.
By Relish | Posted November 1, 2012
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This week, two mains with greens, two (more) desserts with apples, and a woman with a way with cast iron.


The word “panade” may not be on the tip of your tongue, but Seven Spoons will put it there with this savory bread pudding (and we love a serving suggestion that includes a fried egg). Plus we love anyone who loves their ugly sweater. Don’t we all?

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An engaging riff on pasta carbonara with greens.  Big points to anyone who can talk about cost and health and still be charming. Hats off to Not Eating Out In New York.

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What do you think when you think “guilty pleasure?”  Ranch flavor Doritos?  Romance novels?  Wayward Spark goes with “vintage cast iron,” and has a new way of seasoning it. We’re in?

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Okay, let’s get to dessert already! Caitlin from Roost Blog doesn’t use grains or refined sugar in hers, but that in no way detracts from their irresistability factor.

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We see so many complicated recipes that, when we saw this one, from Honey and Jam, we were hooked.  A pie without spices – just fruit and sugar – lets the apples do the talking.

Read the Post: Of Apple Orchards and Pie Parties





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