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By Relish | Posted October 18, 2012
Apple Rosemary Cake

This week: Tailgating with artichokes, a quick whole roasted fish, reconsidering  the eggplant, and 2 apple cakes.


Mediterranean Inspired Tailgating Recipes

It’s tailgating season and, naturally, when you think ‘tailgating,’ you think ‘artichokes.’  You don’t?  You will now, after reading Fete and Feast.




Branzino with Roasted Grapes

Whole fish doesn’t usually make the “quick weeknight meals” list at our house.  That’s why we want to go to Sassy Radish’s house – she makes it work.



Baby Eggplants Cute Factor

If cute vegetables lost their charm when you found out those “baby” carrots are cut out of regular old adults, let Food Blogga talk you into reconsidering. Eight things to do with baby eggplants, including a curry recipe in under 50 words.




And, for dessert, two apple options:

Whole Wheat Apple Spice Cake

Pastry Studio has a beautiful cake that uses whole wheat flour for its – get this! – flavor.  And, instead of a tedious nutrition lecture, some helpful whole wheat tips.


Apple Rosemary Coffee Cake

Cauldrons and Crockpots goes in a different direction.  Apple and rosemary usually say “pork” to us, but here they say “cake.”  And, if you can resist a cake in a cast-iron pan with rosemary sprigs on top, we’d like to tap your willpower.





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