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Tis the season, people! We've got holiday desserts, gift ideas and a couple of savory and satisfying recipes for your all of your mid-winter needs.
By Relish | Posted December 13, 2012
Classic Gingerbread Blogs We Love

We’re knee-deep in holidays, so we’ve got a couple of season-appropriate desserts, plus a molasses lesson you don’t want to miss if anything gingerbready is on your menu.  But it’s not all about eating – there’s also a great gift idea.  Okay, so it involves eating, too, but it doesn’t count if someone else will be doing it!


Minimally Invasive
Macaroons - Minimally Invasive
Are you tired of macarons yet? You know, those little French meringue sandwich cookes? Minimally Invasive put the other ‘O’ back in, and we couldn’t be happier with her Pecan Macaroons.


Five and Spice

We like everything about this recipe. It’s interesting, it’s beautiful, it’s delicious, and it’s all about vegetables. We’d never have thought of Roasted Cauliflower with Harissa Cream, so we’re very glad Five and Spice did.


Northwest Edible Life
Taco Formula by Northwest Edible

Remember Garanimals? Northwest Edible Life took the same concept, and made dinner out of it, with a super-simple Taco Formula, plus easy instructions on making corn tortillas.


Cook Republic
We’ve always thought the best gifts are edible. You just can’t go wrong with chocolate, or truffle oil, or smoked salmon. Or the Festive Couscous Mix from Cook Republic. It’s easy, it’s colorful, and it will make a wonderful meal for whoever’s on the receiving end.



The Runaway Spoon
Eggnog Pie by Runaway Spoon

It’s easy. It’s festive. It’s just a little off the beaten path. And it’s PIE! The Runaway Spoon does dessert: Eggnog Pie


Love and Olive Oil
Decorated Gingerbread by Love and Olive Oil
Odds are, you’ve been using molasses your entire baking career. Ever wonder about the difference between sulphered and unsulphured? Blackstrap and light? Let Love and Olive Oil explain – and then show you how to use it in Classic Gingerbread Cut-Out Cookies.


The Roasted Root
Tunisian Spices by The Roasted Root

Sometimes you need an antidote to the baked-goods overload that is the holiday season. The Roasted Root gets it just right, with a simple, hearty, healthful Crock Pot Tunisian Lentil Stew.



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