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We’re sweets-heavy this week, with a cake, a cookie, a bar, and a wonderful Hawaiian doughnut. If you’ve got Thanksgiving on your mind, though, we’ve also got a great list of meatless (but very festive) holiday dishes.
By Relish | Posted November 15, 2012
Chocolate Cassata Cake
Relish is about honest food, cooked with joy, and here we celebrate some of the voices – and the lives – of people who do the same.


Brown Butter Pumpkin Seed Cookies
We love cooks who turn on a dime – when the crispy cookie didn’t come out the way she intended, Jennie of In Jennie’s Kitchen made a chewy cookie instead.  And the resulting Brown Butter Pumpkin Seed Cookies look fabulous.


Rice Krispies
Finally!  Someone says it out loud!  Rice Krispie treats just aren’t all that … um … treat-like.  Remedial Eating improves them: That Fine Slender Sliver


Making Hawaii part of the United States was a genius move – we got a great vacation spot, and malasadas, a kind of doughnut indigenous to the islands.  Dessert First shows you how to bring them to the mainland:  A Malasada Experiment


Chocolate Cassata Cake Slice
Use Real Butter has made what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cakes we’ve ever seen.  Literally.  Chocolate Cassata Cake isn’t something you’re going to whip up for dessert tonight – it’s an event cake – but check out the post just for the pictures, and see if you don’t start planning an event.


Biscuit How-To
If you grew up making biscuits your Mom’s way, then we understand: there’s only one biscuit truth in your world.  But if biscuits are new to you, trust Love & Olive Oil, who created a confidence-building Light Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuit recipe for those of us who grew up, um, “unbiscuited.”


Penne with Butternut Squash
Still undecided about the Thanksgiving menu?  If you don’t see something on Ezra Poundcake’s interesting and varied list of Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes that strikes your fancy, you’d better think about ordering in.



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