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By Relish | Posted November 8, 2012
Cinnamon Apple Skillet Cake

This week, we’ve got fall ingredients like mushrooms and apples and, yes, acorns.  As well as a slightly less wholesome but irresistible classic – pastrami.



Anyone who sneaks into a schoolyard to raid the wild oyster mushrooms growing there is OK in our book.  And the Wild (or not so wild) Mushroom Pate, at Ben and Birdy, seems like ample justification.




At Starving off the Land, the wild food of choice was acorns.  Acorns?  Acorns.  Even if you’re not planning acorn flatbread any time soon, you need to read the post for the Acornucopia processing technique.




If you’ve never considered DIY pastrami, Wrightfood just might change your mind.  We love the way he combines a laid-back attitude with serious charcuterie skills: Homemade Pastrami.




Bake or Break has done a wonderful thing: put the taste of German chocolate cake into a pecan bar.  We’re a sucker for that kind of miscegenation: German Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars.




At some point – February? – we’ll got over our obsession with apple desserts, but Joy the Baker’s version had us at “skillet.”  Cinnamon Sugar Apple Skillet Cake.










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